HC-105F+ Wireless Outdoor Siren

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This siren could be used outdoor. It will give stroble light and sound alarm when there is a alarm triggered.

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Wireless Outdoor Siren
  • 110db alarm
  • Waterproof design
  • Wireless design
Scene Alarm
Siren alarm sounds up to 110 db, scared away the thief

Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Standby time is more than 8h, and have the battery protection function.

Alarm Current <950mA
Standby Current <20uA
Backup Battery 7.2V/700mAh or D size battery optional
Alarm Input Wireless and wired
IP Grade IP34
Frequency (optional) 433MHz/868MHz/Zigbee
Packing Dimensions (L*W*H) 280*180*70 (MM)
Power Parameter 12VDC, built in with backup battery, D size battery optional
Low Battery Alarm 2.5V±0.2V
Max Transmission Distance 150 (no obstacles)
Sound 105dB±3
Transmission/receiving Dbm TX:≤8.5dBm/≤14dBm RX:-96dBm/-108dBm
Working Temperature/Humidity -30~+70℃