LH-990 Series PIR Motion Detector

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This product will detect the human movement and if there is a illegual intrusion, it will send alert message to the system for appropriate action.

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PIR Motion Detector
  • Anti-tamper alarm
  • Fresnel Lens Technology
  • 110 angle
Innovative Fresnel Lens Technology
Spherical fish-eye lens wuth wider detection range avoid underneath blind area

Smart interconnection
Capable of interconnecting with other house devices, multi application area such as restroom, kitchen, bedroom etc.
  • PIR motion detector detects someone
  • Lights on automatically
Infrared Detection Range
110 super wide range, anti-intrusion, 2-12m sector area.

Simple Installation
Fixing bracket to the wall, Wireless and easy installation
  • Fixing Bracket on the suitable wall by using screw
  • Sliding back cover to match the connection port
Wireless Protocol ASK433MHz/Zigbee
Power Parameter DC3V
Working Temperature/Humidity -10℃~55℃
Standby Current ≤15mA/≤30mA
Wireless Distance ≥100m/≥80m
Working Voltage 2.5V±0.2V/2.8V±0.5V
Transmit Power ≤14dBm/≤10dBm
Transmission/receiving Dbm -108dBm/-96dBm
Size 106x60x36 (MM)