LH-89 Series Wireless Gas Detector

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With advanced low current comsuptional gas sensor, built-in temperature compensation module, this gas detector works steady. It can detect gas leakage in time and send alarm signal to the systems.

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Gas Detector
  • Scan QR code
  • 85dB
  • 7d/24h

Danger around you and your family all the time
We can,t predict it, but we can do something to keep safety
  • do you worry about the gas leakage accident?
  • do ypu worry about the pipe burn in?
  • do you worry fire disaster happen in your home?
85dB audible sound enable to hear clear alarm sound over 3 rooms

Smart Alarm
Professional detector to prevent various gas leaking including: Natural gas, Liquefied petroleum gas etc and push notification to your Mobile phone.
Natural Gas Through pipeline Main components: methane
Liquefied gas Through bottle Main components: Dimethylmethane and Butane

Fire-Resistance Enclosure
Aircraft class&flame ratardant enclosure keep your house safe

Working Theory
Simple QR code Learning and push notification at first time when danger happens.
Sending alarm message to alarm hub when gas leakage
Alarm hub received message
Know gas leakage immediately

Ceiling mounted is recommended, and installation position about 2 meters overhead away from the gas source.

Wireless Protocol ASK433MHz
Working Voltage DC12V
Standby Current ≤80mA
Working Temperature/Humidity -10℃~55
Working Humility ≤95%RH
Gas Threshold ±5%LEL
Alarm concentration 8%LEL±3%LEL
Transmitting ≤14dBm
Transmission/receiving Dbm -108dBm