B910 Wireless Remote Controller

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This remote controller could work together alarm system,which could remotelly switch the alarm system to different modes, like arm away, disarm, arm stay etc.

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Remote Controller
  • SOS
  • Low Power
  • Super Low Power
Thin, Exquisite, Small

Three Models For Smart Home Security
Convenient&easy operation meets different home demends
  • Arm Stay
  • Arm Away
  • Disarm
One-Key SOS For Emergency
Emergent help message will send to App immediately once you press SOS button

Low Power Design Longer Battery Iifetime
2 years battery lifespan, energy saving, avoid bothers of frequently changed battery

Remote Low Power Reminding
Mobile phone able to receive SMS or App push notification on low
power status when product access to alarm hub or panel

Wireless Protocol ASK433MHz
Working Voltage DC3V
Standby Current ≤17mA
Working Temperature/Humidity -10℃~55
Wireless Distance ≥100m
Working Voltage 2.5V±0.2V
Transmit Power ≤14dBm
Transmission/receiving Dbm -108dBm
Size 72*36*13 (MM)