HC-109 Series Wireless Indoor Siren

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This siren could be used indoor It will give stroble light and sound alarm when there is a alarm triggered. And it could also be used mini alarm system which could be connected to wireless accessories directly.

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Wireless Indoor Siren
Audible sound alerts you
  • 85dB alarm (High 120dB)
  • Low power alarm
  • Standalone
Four volume grades
Adjust volume according to your demands

The wireless device integrates alarm panel and siren can used either as alarm panel or as siren.
  • PIR Motion detector detects someone
  • Alarm with high dB sound
It's also able to use independently when work with other wireless sensing devices.
  • PIR Motion detector detects someone
  • Notify alarm hub via wireless signal.
  • Alarm with high dB sound
Alarm with Sound&Light
Mazimum 85dB, sound&light alarm triggered once alerts happened, frighten burglar.
Wireless Protocol ASK433MHz
Working Voltage DC5V
Backup Battery 3.7V
Working Temperature/Humidity -10℃~55
Wireless Distance
Working Voltage
Transmit Power ≤14dBm
Transmission/receiving Dbm -108dBm
Size 80*45 (MM)